just another princess
i can do without Prince Charming,
i just want a guy to call me his princess.

I’m the words you whisper at night
Before you drift off to sleep
And I’m the voice you hear in your head
As you watch the world silently weep
As dead as those that gave up their breath
But then, just as alive as the Dead Sea
To carry the weight of your hopes and fears
Finally apparent in every single majesty
I’m the tears that water your pillow
As you think of all the things that lay ahead
And I’m the faint hint of a smile,
That plays upon the face of the dead
The shining golden sun is nothing
When compared to the reflection of its light
Especially as the deep dark black
Steals it away into the middle of the night
I’m the little white box that you keep
Forever close to your heart and beyond
With its magic spells and curses
Livened with a flick of His wand
As unbreakable as cold hard steel
But only as fragile as a looking glass
Something so dirty and mundane
A concept full of beauty and class
In every thought, dream, and desire
I’m what you feel when the heart goes numb
Like who you are when no one’s around
I’m the person that you’ll never become
All you want is to bring me to life
So why are you trying give me death
The only thing you’re accomplishing
Is suffocating that which gives you breath

If i could give you one thing in this life, it would be the ability for you to see yourself through my eyes.

you’re special. you know who you are.